“Selling the properties from a charitable trust eliminated capital gains taxes and increased our monthly cash flow.” Wally Gibson ’55

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Real Estate

Real Estate

Unlock the Potential of Your Property

Depending on the circumstances, giving real estate can generate tremendous benefits for you and your family. USF’s gift planning team regularly assists donors in evaluating this type of support.

If you are interested in learning more, we suggest a general discussion by phone or email to help you determine if this type of giving is potentially a good fit.

Type of property:

How it Works

You can transfer all or a portion of the property to a charitable remainder unitrust, a special trust created for your benefit. The property is then sold and the proceeds are reinvested. 

You receive a percentage of the trust’s annual value in life time payments. 

You can decide how much of the property’s value you wish to transfer to the charitable trust. If you keep some of that value you can generate cash at sale.

Case Study

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Learn How Wally Made a Gift of Real Estate

Discover the Benefits

No capital gains taxes from your gift. 

Life time cash flow.

Charitable income tax deduction that you can carry forward for up to five years. 

Ease of management.

Investment diversification.

More after-tax income from the trust.

Can be combined with a 1031 exchange.

Tremendous satisfaction in supporting the future of Jesuit education at USF.


Is This Gift Right for You?

Ideal assets for this type of gift are unencumbered properties that can easily be sold in 6-12 months, including: 

  • Income-producing residential or commercial real estate
  • Fully-depreciated investment property
  • A vacation home that is no longer needed
  • A larger personal residence prior to “downsizing”
  • Property acquired through a 1031 exchange
Wally Gibson

For Wally Gibson, It’s a Practical Way to Support USF

Wally ’55  and Judy Gibson were looking for a way to simplify management duties on various properties they owned, eliminate capital gains taxes, and generate a reliable income stream for themselves and their family.

The Gibsons worked with USF to create a life-income plan, consisting of a series

of charitable remainder trusts.

The couple customized the terms of each trust to address special factors associated with each gift of property. The result was a tax-wise plan that provides income to their family for 20 years and a very generous gift for USF’s endowment.

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For Wally Gibson, it’s a practical way to support USF. “Selling the properties from a charitable trust eliminated capital gains taxes and increased our monthly cash flow.”

Wally, a politics and history major, met Judy, a University of California business major, at a Lake Tahoe party in 1957, and they married six months later. They both believe in the power of education.

“Neither one of our parents had much schooling, but they supported education, and so do we,” says Stockton native Wally.

“The main thing I learned at USF is the importance of honesty,” says Wally. His education prepared him well to become a stockbroker.

Later, he changed direction and became a mail carrier so that he could balance his time more effectively and focus on his private investments.

“Our gift saved us taxes, and we set up our plan so that it benefits our children, too. It was extremely easy to do what we did. So much so, that we don’t know why more people don’t do the same.”

“Our life has been blessed, especially mine. Life has been so good to us, and I realize that. I’m grateful knowing that ultimately our life-income gift will support Jesuit education at the university.”

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The material presented on this Planned Giving website is not offered as legal or tax advice.
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We provide this information to illustrate the potential financial benefits of supporting USF. These illustrations should not be viewed as legal, accounting or other professional advice. We encourage our alumni and friends to consult with their own legal and tax advisors before completing a gift.

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