Gifts that protect assets

Creative Ways to Give

USF offers a variety of creative ways to structure a gift that provides you and your family with tangible financial benefits. Some gift plans generate a current year charitable deduction and provide substantial tax relief. Other gifting techniques can facilitate the transfer of family business assets to your children while reducing estate taxes. Another very popular option allows donors to reduce or eliminate capital gains taxes by giving appreciated stock, real property, or closely-held business interests.

USF’s Gift Planning staff have extensive experience working with gifts of real property and other complex assets. We can help you evaluate your options and provide you with detailed information so you can determine if a particular plan addresses your financial and philanthropic goals.

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The Benefits

Here are a few examples of the benefits available to USF donors:

  • Income tax relief. You can contribute your residence, vacation home, or farm, take a significant income tax charitable deduction, and continue to use the property during your lifetime.
  • Reduced estate taxes. You can reduce or eliminate the estate tax cost of transferring your family business or other appreciating assets to your children.
  • Capital gains tax savings. By giving appreciated securities you can avoid capital gains taxes and lock-in charitable deduction based on the market value of your stock or mutual funds.

Popular Gifts

Retained Life Estate
You would like to give all or a portion of the value of your residence or vacation property to USF. How can you make a gift and continue living there?

Charitable Lead Trust
You own a family business or other assets that are appreciating. How can you reduce estate taxes while transferring appreciating assets to your childrent?

Gifts of Stock and Appeciated Assets
Reduce or eliminate capital gains taxes and qualify for an income tax charitable deduction by giving long-term appreciated securities.

Gifts of Real Estate
Donate all or a portion of your property’s value in exchange for substantial tax benefits. May be used to create a lifetime income stream in some instances.

The material presented on this Planned Giving website is not offered as legal or tax advice.
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The material presented on this Planned Giving website is not offered as legal or tax advice.
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We provide this information to illustrate the potential financial benefits of supporting USF. These illustrations should not be viewed as legal, accounting or other professional advice. We encourage our alumni and friends to consult with their own legal and tax advisors before completing a gift.

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