Meet Our Donors

Meet Our Donors

A Tribute to Someone Special

Fred Meyer

In 1958, Fred Meyer and his late wife Diana married at the end of Fred's junior year in college and soon after started a family. They had a remarkable life together and when Diana passed away in 1983 the family came together to establish the Diana Alessandri Meyer Scholarship in her honor. Since 1983, thirty-five scholarships have been awarded to students who have the same passion and enthusiasm for education as Diana once had.

A legacy gift from Fred's estate will ensure the scholarship continues to provide access for students long into the future. In addition to his legacy gift, Fred honors his late wife every year on her birthday by making a gift to the Diana Alessandri Meyer Scholarship.

"Education is important," says Fred. "I'm hoping there's someone out there who's trying to get an education and who wouldn't be able to go to college without this scholarship."

As a donor Fred has been thoughtful in how and what he gave to build up the scholarship and provide himself with tax relief. When Fred gave appreciated stock, he received a charitable income tax deduction and avoided realizing taxable investment gains. By instructing his retirement plan administrator to transfer funds directly to USF, Fred's gift qualified as a required annual distribution from his IRA.

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