Meet Our Donors

Meet Our Donors

Bequest to Honor Beloved Brother

Ernest Salomone '59 and his brother Guido

Ernest Salomone '59 and his brother Guido were very close despite their seven-year age difference and an ocean separating them as adults. "As brothers we were so different, yet so much alike," says Guido. "I'm very mechanically inclined, but Ernie couldn't change a spark plug to keep his car running. I attended Archbishop Riordan High School and City College, while Ernie graduated from St. Ignatius Prep and USF."

Ernest Salomone '59 and his brother Guido

Both brothers were positively influenced by their respective Catholic schools. "We received wonderful educations. The Marianists and Jesuits are down-to-earth religious orders dedicated to the communities they serve."

After high school, Ernie enlisted in the US Army Air Forces during the Korean War. Following military service Ernie first enrolled at UC Berkeley, then quickly transferred to USF.

The brothers were first in their families to attend college and valued all that education could offer.

When Ernest passed away in 2013, Guido stepped forward to honor his brother's experience at USF by planning a bequest.

"Ernie flourished with the individual attention he received at USF. He loved attending basketball games during the era of USF's first NCAA-winning team, led by Bill Russell and K.C. Jones. It was an exciting time in Ernie's life," says Guido.

Bill Russell

Ernie's degree from USF and the practical experience he received in the workplace prepared him for a career in engineering and supply chain management. After graduation Ernie worked for American Engineering and Incineration. Later, Ernie managed supplies and matériel for the US Navy at Pearl Harbor. "When he retired he was the highest ranking civilian on base–Chief Claims and Purchasing Agent," recalls Guido.

"Ernie made a lot of friends in Hawaii. He loved surfing and was well-liked on the military base. I visited him in Honolulu often and we traveled the world together.

Ever a Dons fan Ernie proudly displayed a USF pennant at his home in San Francisco and later in Honolulu. "My brother's experience at USF had a lasting impact in his life. This gift will provide future students with some of those same opportunities that Ernie had."

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