Meet Our Donors

Meet Our Donors

A Legacy Spanning Generations

Dan Lawson, Ed.D '73, '10

Dan Lawson, Ed.D '73, '10, adjunct professor and USF's Senior Director for Public Safety, has dedicated his life to public service. Dan is a retired captain with the San Francisco Police Department and has spent the last 14 years at the University of San Francisco.

After attending a Jesuit high school and learning how his father's experiences at USF changed the course of his own life, Dan knew USF was the right choice for him. He says, " USF challenged me academically and inspired me to be intellectually curious. And I was fortunate enough to meet my wife, Laurie, while she was studying at the School of Nursing.

The Lawson family has lived and breathed Jesuit values for generations. Dan's daughter, Kathryn, also felt USF was the right choice – three times. She is a triple alumna with a Bachelor of Arts, a Master in Education and Nursing. She is currently practicing as a nurse at Lucille Packard Hospital at Stanford

Dan is profoundly grateful for his Jesuit education, "my Jesuit experiences taught me the importance of service for others. The values and lessons learned at USF helped guide me through my career with the SF Police Department and they continue to guide me at USF."

In honor of his Jesuit education, Dan has chosen to support the USF Fund by making USF a beneficiary of his IRA.

"I've been able to provide one of my daughters with the opportunity to earn three USF degrees, and pursued my own dream of acquiring a doctorate in education. Our Jesuit experiences have helped shape who we are today and I'm grateful for the opportunity to give back."

Dan hopes his gift provides deserving students who couldn't otherwise afford a USF education the same opportunities his family has had, for generations to come.

"I feel content that I have contributed to a worthy and essential mission, that will give forward for years to come. It was easy to do and I would encourage anyone to make a gift to support USF's future."

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